Photos From The Ice Storm of 2003 In Lexington, KY


Photos on this page downloaded from WLAP

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Ben Gross


Master Station Area

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Cindy Phelps


McConnell Springs on ice

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Lee Bagley


Pleasant Ridge Drive, Lexington

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Morgan Myers


Bonnie C. Massie

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Delzan Place and Clays Mill by Jesse Clark Middle School

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Ben Cichanowicz


Chelsea Woods Drive, off Todds Road.

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Clarisa Wallace


Northern part of Nicholasville.

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Monticello Neighborhood

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Jim Jackson


Crewe Court in the Robinwood subdivision

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Thomas Clark


Harrodsburg Road and Nicholasville Road.

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Constantine Vulakh


Spring House off Man O' War. Henry Clay HS on Fontaine Rd.

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Pix taken by Tommy Craft & Terry Evans.


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